Born in Poland in 1988, Bartosz Bludau grew up bilingual due to his German-Polish background and began playing the piano at the age of eight. After graduating from high school in 2008, he studied composition and music production with the tutors Nikolaus Neuser and Stefan Lienenkämper in Berlin. There he works as a freelance composer and music producer in his studio for various projects.

As a screenwriter, director and composer, he produced the short films “Luft und Liebe” and “FÜR” and participated in the master classes for film composition in Krakow.

For his competition composition for the short film “OMA” he was nominated for the WDR Filmscore Award at the Soundtrack_Cologne12 Festival. His current works include a sound installation for the DDR Museum in Berlin and the composition of the music for the film “The Year I Lost My Mind” by director Tor Iben.





The Year I Lost My Mind (D, 2017) Director: Tor Iben (in post production)
OMEGA (D, 2017) Director: Lennart Oberscheidt, Elena Ivanov (in post production)
SPACE (D, 2017) Director: Chris Brügge (in post production)
15:33 (D, 2017) Director: Patrick A. Kompio
Weißt du noch? (D, 2016) Director: Nicola Scholz
Wo willst du hin, Habibi? (D, 2015) Director: Tor Iben
FÜR (D, 2015) Director: Cem Özenir & Bartosz Bludau
Und:Ruhe (D, 2014) Director: Daniel Zimmermann
Luft und Liebe (D, 2013) Director: Bartosz Bludau
Friedrichs (D, 2011) Director: Daniel Zimmermann




Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding (D, 2015) Director: Constanze Behrends & Philipp Hardy Lau
Der Götz von Berlichingen (D, 2014) Director: Stefan Kreissig
Les Petites Rouges (D, 2013) Director: Cynthia Buchheim




Nominated for the WDR Filmscore Award 2015 – Soundtrack_Cologne12
Film Composition Masterclasses (fmf Kraków) 2015 / 2018
Best Idea – 99 FIRE FILMS AWARDS 2013